The external battery backup provides full functionality during battery life (about 18h depending ..


The dipole antenna is the standard antenna, included in most of our products. It is suitable ..


The DT7235T-EU DUAL TEC® Motion Sensor provides reliable protection with pet immunity for up to 1..


SP203 is an piezoelelectric indoor siren. The siren has adjustable volume, different sound scheme..

Batt 1

The integrated battery backup fits inside the unit and provides full functionality during the bat..

IP 1

IP65 casing with fittings, custom mounting plate and 2.1 Ah backup battery. Battery life wit..

2,4Ghz Remote

Key fob to activate and deactivate the alarm feature of CL520 V4 Programming new key fobs to th..


Magnetic door or window detector with - n/c, breaking at alarm. Delivered with 30 cm cable. ..


The magnetically mounted antenna is intended for indoor use, mounted horizontally, e.g. on top of..

SIR 016 SY

SIR016 is an piezoelectric siren for outdoor use. It has a discrete design that blends in to any ..


IS-215T has an attractive and stylish design with smooth rounded white enclosure that is designed..


The ECO1003 photoelectric smoke detector uses a state of the art optical chamber combined with an..


The Puck Antenna is intended for outdoor use on metal cabinets or enclosure. The antenna should..


Automatic reset 3-phase monitoring relay with SPDT output relay in a DIN enclosure. ..


The stub antenna fits directly into the units FME connector and is well suited in slimlined i..


If the computer doesn't have a serial port the USB adapter is the solution. Length 35cm ..
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