The complete solution for monitoring and access control

We help gate manufacturers to connect their gates, doors, bollards and barriers to the cloud, to create more value for their customers. Compatible with virtually all control units on the market, new and old, Comlink enables you to manage and control all installations in one system.

One-stop supplier

Compatible with most gates, doors, bollards and barriers.

300,000+ users worldwide

Industry experts with 20 years’ experience.

Turnkey connectivity

The fast and reliable way to connect gates to the Cloud.

24/7 Automated Monitoring

The connectivity hardware, developed in-house, easily connects gates, barriers, doors, bollards, pumps, micro-treatment plants, and more, to the cloud via the mobile network. Get full control of the installations via the App (iOS & Android) and the Web platform.
Unlimited number of units – all in one single system.

Remote configuration

  • Access from anywhere via web
  • Customize features & alerts
  • Manage access lists & permissions


  • Colour coded status of all units
  • Troubleshoot specific installations
  • Event log over faults & resets

Control via the phone

  • Mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Control via app, call, SMS, or web
  • Real-time monitoring via the app

Alerts & notifications

  • Full control over faults and resets
  • Email, SMS, & push notification
  • Customized recipients

Predictive maintenance

  • Estimated service date
  • Based on time and actual usage
  • Sort sites based on next service

Reports & statistics

  • All events are logged
  • Historic data for follow-ups
  • Business intelligence data

Connectivity Hardware for Industrial Applications

Comlink’s technology can be used in many different ways. After more than 20 years of research and development of solutions for monitoring, managing, and servicing industrial gates and pumps, we have fine-tuned both our hardware and our software for these specific industries.

Increase efficiency or enable new business opportunities?

Based on you needs and strategic focus, we’re happy to share our expertise how to utilize connected technology in your industry. We look forward to hearing from you!