The complete IoT solution for the gate industry

We help gate manufacturers to connect their gates, doors, bollards and barriers to the cloud, to create more value for their customers. Compatible with virtually all control units on the market, new and old, Comlink enables you to manage and control all installations in one system.

One-stop supplier

Compatible with most gates, doors, bollards and barriers.

100,000+ users worldwide

Industry experts with 20 years’ experience.

Turnkey Cloud & hardware

The fast and reliable way to connect gates to the Cloud.

24/7 Automated Gate Monitoring

Comlink Cloud is a sophisticated cloud-based hub for all Comlink units. As long as you have access to a browser, then you can access Comlink Cloud and your equipment. You can also add as many units as you like, there’s no limit.


  • Add new units online
  • Adapt features & alarms
  • Manage access lists


  • Current status, colour-coded
  • Map overview

Web & mobile management

  • Intuitive user administration
  • Flexible access times
  • Log

Alarms & notifications

  • Faults displayed online and sent as texts
  • Alarm and reset to selected recipients

Forecast-based servicing

  • Estimated service date
  • Based on time and actual use

Reports & statistics

  • All events are logged
  • Historic data for follow-ups
  • Business intelligence data

Connectivity for Industrial Applications

Comlink technology can be used in many different ways, but after more than 15 years of researching and developing products and systems for monitoring, managing and servicing industrial gates and pumps, we have fine-tuned both our hardware and our software for these specific application areas.

Want to know how Comlink could benefit you?

Contact us to schedule a demonstration of how Comlink Cloud could benefit you. The online demo will be customised for your specific industry and needs. We look forward to hearing from you!