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Cloud Unit W5-B: Monitoring, control & automatic alerts

Alert transmitter with 8 inputs and 2 outputs. Comes with Mobile app and Web platform.

Comlink Cloud Unit W5-B is the new generations IoT hardware for remote monitoring and control of various types of industrial and technical equipment. The unit is delivered with a built-in SIM card compatible with most mobile network providers worldwide (4G -LTE-M1 and 2G).

The Cloud Unit’s areas of application, among others, are real-time monitoring, remote troubleshooting, remote control, access control, operational alerts & warnings, forecast-based service, predictive maintenance, data collection, statistics and event logs. Alerts can be sent via email, SMS, and push notification to the app (iOS & Android).

Remote firmware updates are possible, with continuous software improvements and new features.

All settings can easily be configured remotely in the Web platform, where you organize and monitor all types of installations. Customized permissions for the unit can be shared to colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Control and monitor all installations and all data in one single solution – efficient and secure.


  • Configure, monitor, and control the unit via the Web platform and the Mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Cloud Unit is used with a Cloud Subscription, with SIM card included


  • 8 analogue* inputs (max 28V DC), which also can be used as digital
  • 2 relay outputs (max 30V DC), controlled via Web Platform, Mobile app, phone call, annual timer, or SMS


  • Monitoring of inputs
    • Monitor groups of units with customized colour codes for inputs statuses
    • Full control of individual installations, with possibility to see real-time status for all inputs
    • Monitor via Mobile app and Web platform
  • Log of monitored status signals
    • Collect all operating data of events, errors, and resets
    • Efficient tool for remote troubleshooting
    • Export of log files possible
  • Alerts & notifications
    • Alerts via email, SMS, and push notification to the app
    • Customize who should receive the different alerts
    • Both alerts and reset notification possible
    • Automatic alerts can be limited to specific days or hours
  • Control of outputs via the app
    • Activate relay outputs from the app, for example for access control
    • If given access by the administrator, the unit it visible in the user’s mobile app
    • A user’s permission to control outputs can be limited to specific days or hours
  • Control of outputs via phone call
    • Call the unit to activate the relay output, for example to open a gate
    • Access control can be activated, which only gives incoming calls from authorized phone numbers right to activate the outputs
    • Access rights for individual users can be limited to specific days or hours
  • Event log for outputs
    • Log for both control via the app and via phone call
    • For example, to see who opened at what day and time
  • Annual timer
    • Customize up to five different programs
    • Schedule automatically recurring activation of the outputs
    • Use the programs to limit a user’s access to specific days and hours
    • Use the programs to block alerts being sent during specific days and hours
  • Cycle/pulse counter
    • For example, to count number of openings, measuring uptime, runtime functions, mechanical tracking, gauging consumption, usage-based service forecast, and more
    • Available on one of the inputs
    • Configurable total and interval counters
    • Set a service interval based on both number of cycles and months, and the system automatically estimates the next service date
  • Built-in GPS*
    • Automatic positioning of the unit
    • Unit plotted on a map in the Web platform and in the Mobile app


  • GPS functionality requires a GPS compatible antenna (ordered separately)
  • Installed using screws or DIN clips (ordered separately)
  • Magnet contact for monitoring of for example a control cabinet (ordered separately)
  • Delivered with battery backup as standard (W5-B). Also available without battery backup (W5).
  • Customized expansion boards for CAN, RS-232, RS-485, MODBUS, and more


* Cloud functionality for GPS and analogue inputs will be released in the end of 2022.


Comlink Cloud Unit W5-B frontComlink Cloud Unit W5-B side

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