All-in-one system for pumps & micro treatment plants

All-in-one fault reporting system with administrative support for service sales in service organisations.

Automated Pump & Micro Treatment Monitoring

Comlink Cloud is a web-based system that automatically monitors all kinds of pumps and micro treatment plants. Not only does our system simplify remote administration and management of customer facilities, it also automatically reports all faults and operational problems with optional text message alerts.

Comlink Cloud provides excellent business intelligence on usage, performance and history as well as real-time data about any failing components. Which has a positive impact on the entire organisation, in addition to being yet another motivating factor for choosing you as a service partner.

Integrated or Standalone Solution

Our proprietary GSM-based unit can either be integrated into a control box, thereby adding alarm transmitter features. Or simply installed as a standalone unit, for example, on smaller sites. Alerts can be monitored via our Comlink Cloud, with optional text message notifications.


  • 9-24V AC/DC
  • 8 digital inputs for sensors
  • Pulse counter for pump starts
  • 2 “making” relay outputs
  • Battery backup
  • SIM-card pre-installed

Examples of monitored functions:

  • Collective fault signal
  • Motor protection circuit
  • High/low water level
  • Overflow
  • Power failure
  • Pump overheat
  • Pump failure
  • Staff on site

Examples of monitored functions:

  • Motor protection circuit reset
  • Remote stop
  • Forced run

Pulse counter:

  • Counts number of pump starts

Perfect for rental pumps

Sophisticated Cloud-Based Hub – Key Features

Comlink Cloud is a sophisticated cloud-based hub for all your industrial pumps and micro treatment plants. As long as you have access to a browser, then you can access your equipment. You can also add as many pumps as you like, there’s no limit.

Remote configuration

Field visits are no longer necessary, as all settings can be configured online. In addition, Comlink Cloud also includes logging features for individual units.

Remote control of outputs

Comlink Cloud enables you to remotely control equipment from your mobile phone. Administration of user data, such as name, phone number and access hours, is extremely simple with the Comlink dashboard.

Alarms & notifications

Clearly indicates any failing equipment. Alarms and reset details can also be sent as text messages to specific users.


Provides a clear overview of your system, including colour-coded sensor information, status updates and estimated service dates. All units can be renamed and grouped as necessary.

Maintenance schedule

The system can automatically calculate a probable service date based on time and actual number of starts.

Reports & statistics

All activity, events and faults are automatically logged. This data can then be used for follow-up actions, business development, performance improvements, streamlining strategies and product development.

Modes & scheduling

You can schedule automatically recurring modes, such as alarms off or different recipients at different times, as well as manage bank holidays, etc. These adjustments are easily made online, rather than out in the field.

Text message notifications about alerts, events and faults

Benefits for Service Organisations

With Comlink’s all-in-one solution for service organisations, you are simply upgrading your existing equipment. This will generate considerable benefits for your entire organisation, without the need for complex changes or costly investments. And your clients will also benefit from the increased functionality and more comprehensive range of services you are offering.


  • Increased profits
  • Enables new revenue models and service sales
  • Reduced costs
  • Automation and simplified administration increases efficiency in the organisation
  • Improved knowledge
  • Statistics and reports, such as workload forecasts for service organisations
  • Technological leap
  • Boost your brand image and generates a clear market position


  • Facilitates sales
  • Your site will notify any faults automatically
  • Optional text message sent to customer if pump fails
  • Use statistics to follow up on delivered pumps and how they are being used
  • Increase customer value


  • Remote troubleshooting
  • One log for all faults
  • Improves customer relations
  • Automated fault reporting, the pump itself reports any faults
  • Also demonstrates when a product is working well, which improves customer relations and trust


  • Peace of mind
  • Alerts from pumps for a low cost
  • Text message alerts in the event of operational failure
  • Greater control
  • User-friendly, straightforward log for following up faults

Benefits for Pump Manufacturers

Comlink’s system is the quickest way for pump manufacturers to modernise their product range without the need for any extensive changes or costly investments.


By interconnecting your pumps, you will also be reinforcing your brand image, as it demonstrates innovation and modern technology.

  • Technological leap
  • Flexible system that can be adapted to your specific situation and needs
  • Reliable partner with full control of the entire technology chain
  • Increased customer value


We also offer various different ‘Enterprise’ packages, where we customise our cloud user interface to meet your specific needs or requirements.

  • Customised layout and apperance
  • Log in directly via your own website or intranet
  • Own company logo and design elements

Want to know how Comlink could benefit you?

Contact us to schedule a demonstration of how Comlink Cloud could benefit you. The online demo will be customised for your specific industry and needs. We look forward to hearing from you!